48mm Electric Single Anchor Windlass

48mm Electric Single Anchor Windlass

1.Application: marine anchor handling
2.Driven mode: electric motor operated
3.Chain Diameter: 48mm,AM2
4.Certificate: CCS,ABS,BV,GL,LR,DNV,RINA
5.Customized according to client's request

Electric-Single-Anchor-Windlass-with-One –Warping-Head

48mm Electric Single Anchor Windlass mainly consists of main shaft device, frame, foundation, brake, clutch, electric motor and gear box.

The electric motor will drive gearbox, on which are fitted withthe one gypsy and one warping end. The main shaft device is mounted on the frame, the clutch is connected to shaft with hex shape.

Acir Marine guarantees that the equipment supplied to the buyer must conform to the final approval drawings. In case any modification is necessary during the process of manufacturing, the manufacturer shall immediately contact and obtain consent from the buyer and send the marking of modifications and the explanations.


Details of 48MM Electric Single Anchor Windlass:

Type: Single gypsy with single warping head.

Environment temperature: -10℃~45℃

Fixed by bolts

Technical specifications of 48mm Electric Single Anchor Windlass

Chain Dia.(AM2 ) φ48 mm

Rated pull                 109 kN

Overload pull              163.5 kN

Holding load              630 kN

Anchor-lifting speed        ≥9m/min

Anchoring depth           ≤82.5 m

Mooring load             50kN

E-motor Model           JZ2-H61-4/8/16

power                  30/30/22 kW

speed                   1420/670/300 r/min

voltage                  380V/50Hz

duty                   10/30/5  min

Comply with IEC requirement:  Yes

Protection type:                IP 56

Motor insulation type:             F

Cable gland:               With

Space heater:                  With

Starting method:            indirect

Electrical control box 

Protection type:               Ip22

Control Voltage:    220  V     Hz    1   phase


Surface disposal: Shot Blast to Sa2.5.

Primer paint: 702 zinc epoxy prime 80μ(dry)

Finish paint:          To be determined later

48MM Electric Single Anchor Windlass Approval Drawing:


Procedure For Quality Control of 48MM Electric Single Anchor Windlass:


2.This procedure covers all activities of inspection from receiving material to shipment of windlass


- Building Specification ( as per final production drawing with signature of seller&buyer)

-Standards of BV class ( as per drawing approved by BV class)

4.Quality Control of Each Process

1) Drawing Control

- All drawings relevant to windlass have prepared and supplied by ACIR MARINE on the basis of clients requirements and BV class requirements.

2) Material Receive Control

- mill certificate of raw materials required

- CCS certificate of structures

3)Assembly Control

- Assembly of windlass should be done in accordance with drawings and standard relevant.

- All welding works should be done in approved WPS by qualified welders.

- All weld seams should be carried out the proper NDT method, NDT report required

- Dimension Inspection, Visual inspection, reports required

4)Painting Control

- the surface must be clean before blasting

- paint film of windlass should be protected from any kind of damage during  stock and handling.

5)Pull Testing

- pull test at factory, factory test report

6)Packing Control

- packing method in accordance with the relevant requirement

7) Shipment Control

- Special care should be taken to prevent damage during loading

8) Non-Conformity Control

-the rectification of defects shall be treated by manufacture if any deviation from specifications or drawings.

5.Check-list of required quality control documents

- Mill report of raw material

-UT report of welding seams, pictures

-Mill certificate ( including visual, dimension, pull test report)

-BV class certificate   

-CCS certificate of motor, electrical cabinet

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