Electric Hydraulic Diesel Engine Operated Anchor Windlass with Single / Double Gypsies for Ship Boat

1. Application: Ship Anchor Handling
2. Driven Mode: Electric, Hydraulic, Diesel Engine
3. Configuration: Double Gypsies, Double Warping Heads
4. Compact Structure, Long Life-time Service


Description of Anchor Windlass:

Anchor Windlass is used for heaving in/paying out anchor and chains, usually installed at the fore deck or aft deck of ships. Its main function is for ship anchor lifting and mooring purpose.

Anchor windlass is one of the main deck machines on ship deck, usually work together with winches. It mainly consists of base, frame, chain wheel, brake device, reducer, warping head and electrical control system (except manual windlass). Electric anchor windlass is driven by electric motor, hydraulic anchor windlass is driven by hydraulic power unit. The anchor windlass is selected according to ship size, anchor weight and anchor chain diameter.

Anchor windlass can be classified according to driven mode: manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, diesel engine,etc.Or can be classified according to chain diameter ranged from 12.5mm to 120mm. Also can be classified according to single or double chain wheel.

The main technical parameters of anchor windlass including chain diameter, nominal anchor lifting speed, rated pull,brake holding load, and power sources. When the anchor windlass are installed on deck, it must ensure the wrap angle between chain and chain wheel is 117-120 degree. So far our company can manufacture the hydraulic windlass suitable for chain diameter 114mm.



Optional Parts:

1.Mooring or towing rope drum can be installed together with anchor windlass.

2.Load, speed and rope/anchor chain monitoring system is available.

3.Overload protection device is available.

4.Explosion proof function for our windlass upon request.

Remarks: We can design and manufacture the anchor windlass as per clients’ special requirements.

Quick Review:

Marine anchor windlass, is located at fore deck, used for lifting and lowering the anchors.

Configuration:Single and double gypsies (chain wheel, or wildcat), with single or double warping heads.

Driven Mode: Manual, Electric, Hydraulic, or Diesel Engine

Suitable for Chain Diameter: 12.5mm to 80mm, Grade 2 or 3.

Brake and Clutch Operating Method: Manual and hydraulic operated.

Control Method: Local control installed nearby the windlass.

Remote control from bridge or wheelhouse

Classification Society Certificate: CCS, BV, ABS, DNV, LR, GL, IRS,etc

Delivery Lead Time: 30-120 days as per different certificate requested by client.

                                      Marine Anchor Windlass with Double Gypsies
ModelChain Dia. (mm)Working Load (KN)Brake Holding (KN)Speed (m/min)Warping Load (KN)

REMARKS:Driven Mode: Electric/Hydrulic/Diesel Engine
Configuration: sinlge or two gypsies, with/without warping heads, or combined with wire drum

Control:Local/Remote/Radio controls
Available certificate:CCS, ABS, LR, GL, BV, DNV
ACIR can design the products according to your special requirements.(e.g. pull, speed, rope capacity)

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The offshore is part of an industry that actually designs, builds and operates the offshore structures to allow the execution of offshore activities.

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