100KN Electric Single Drum Mooring Winch

100KN Electric Single Drum Mooring Winch

1) Driven Mode: Electric Motor Operated
2) Type: Single mooring drum
3) Rated Pull: 100KN (at first layer)
4) Rated Speed: 15m/min (at first layer)
5) Application: Ship or boat mooring purpose
6) Certificate: CCS certificate


General Description:

100KN Electric Single Drum Mooring Winch, as the name shows, it is marine electric motor operated with the pulling force 100KN for mooring purpose to hold a boat/ship at a pier or similar fixture.

The winch comply with the 2009 China Classification Society “classification of sea-going steel ships and construction specification ".


Main technical parameters:
Rated Load100KN(First Layer)
Rated Speed15m/min(First Layer)
Brake Holding300KN(First Layer)
Rope Diameterφ30mm
Drum Capacity200m
Reducer ModelZQ850+250-92.21-IV
Power:30/30/22kW, IP56, F

General Drawing of 100KN Electric Single Drum Mooring Winch for Production:


Introduction of structure

The electric winch is composed of mechanical, electrical parts. The electrical part and the working principle of electric drive specification will see the instructions, mechanical structure are summarized as follows:

Mechanical part

Mechanical part mainly comprises a drum device, wall frame, base, clutch, brake device, gear box device and electric motor.

Drum Device:


Drum device mainly consists of the output shaft of the speed reducer, drum, bushing, ring, the clutch. As shown on the right. The other end of the output shaft of reducer bearing wall frame. Power transmission through the output shaft of six party transfer to the clutch, the clutch transfers the force to the drum. The clutch in/out to realize the in/out between drum and shaft.

When rope heaves in, clutch in, brake release, push the heave in button, and start cable winding.

When rope pays out, clutch out, brake release; the cable can be freely released. If you clutch in, also can realize the function of rope paying out (Electrically pay out)

Base And Wall Frame:

The base and the wall frame are used for supporting reducer, reel device, and fixed onto the hull.



The base is welded by steel plate group,and welding on the tight side of the ear plate brake, reducer, motor bearings and other parts.

Wall Frame

Wall frame composed of a main body, a bearing seat, bushing and the bearing cover.

Brake Device

The winch adopts band type braking mechanism, a brake mechanism is mainly composed of a brake band brake wire rod, and a pin shaft. As shown on the right. Brake band composed of steel and composite type brake band by riveting, welding joints at both ends, one end through tight side plate and is fixed on the base, the other end through pine side plate,and lever plate and screw fixation in the upper half of the ear plate of the brake band. Through the rotation of the lead screw to drive the lever plate loose edges to tighten and relax, so as to realize brake and release. Brake handle clockwise rotation handle for braking, anti-clockwise to release the brake.

Reducer Device

It is a cylindrical gear reducer, three –level transmissions, the transmission ratio of 92.21.

Reducer is installed on the base; the output shaft is reel shaft, input shaft is connected with electric motor through coupling, to realize power transmission.

100KN Electric Single Drum Mooring Winch Load Test:


Package and Transportation of 100KN Electric Single Drum Mooring Winch:


Operation Regulations:

Attention Before Working

The winch must be checked carefully before the winch work, convinced that there is no fault, than can start to work.

Check all the lubrication places, to ensure that all moving parts have good lubrication condition.

Check there is no obstacle nearby the winch

Check the clutch is in the correct position or not.

Check brake device reliability.

Check the fixed bolts of each part, whether there is loose or not.

Maintenance and Repair:

The winch should be in good lubrication condition, to reduce the moving parts surface friction wear, prolong the service life of the winch, so maintenance is an important content in often check the winch LUBRICATION. In general by the oil cup joined with calcium base grease 3# (GB491-87), gear box uses gear oil 120# (SY1172-80).

The oil cup should be fully filled with grease, regularly to add grease on each friction surface, aftergreasing, the winch should operate without any load to make the grease smoothly on each friction surface.

All non-machined surface of winch should be clean, exposed surface should be often painted to prevent rusting.

Check each parts regularly whether the parts are damaged or not, and each fixed bolt is loose or not.

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