Marine Boat Coffee Machine

Marine Boat Coffee Machine

Complete S/S Structure . S/S Wall mounted breaket


Complete S/S Structure .
S/S Wall mounted breaket

Ship Proportions


The ratio of the length and breadth can differ quite dramatically depending on the type of vessel. Common values:

Passenger Ships




Tug Boats


A larger L/B value is favorable for speed, but unfavorable for manoeuvrability.


The length/depth-ratio. The customary values for L/D varies between 10 and 15. This relation plays a role in the determination of the freeboard and the longitudinal strength.

B/T (T=Draught)

The breadth/draught -ratio, varies between 2.3-4.5. A larger breadth in relation to the draught (a larger B/T value) gives a greater initial stability.


The breadth / depth ratio, varies between 1.3 and 2. If this value becomes larger, it will have an unfavorable effect on the stability (because the deck will be flooded when the vessel has an inclination) and on the strength.

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