Chain and Tyre Net Pneumatic Floating Rubber Fender

Chain and Tyre Net Pneumatic Floating Rubber Fender

Chain and Tyre Net Pneumatic Floating Rubber Fender

Pneumatic Rubber Fender is the advanced anti-collision device for marine application in the world. Pneumatic rubber Fender also known as floating rubber fender or Yokohama type rubber fender, it is often installed on the terminal or ship, which aims to absorb or reduce the collision energy between ship to ship and ship to dock. Chain and tyre net pneumatic fender is one type of pneumatic rubber fender.  This kind of product can protect the ship or dock from the damage of collision. With inner compressed air, it can float on the water and widely used as protecting medium equipment. “ACIR” Pneumatic rubber fenders are produced in strict accordance with the ISO17357:2002 international quality standard, our products have exported to all over the world.


1. Large compression deformation, low reaction force, high energy absorption

2.  Good floating performance, can meet the needs of the water level change

3. With compressed air as medium, the collision energy consumption by compressed air power

4. Easy installation and long service life

1.Outer Rubber

Cover outside on the ball of rubber layer, which is used to protect skeleton material and inner rubber ball from damage of external force, the main features: high strength, wear resistance, ageing resistance and tear resistance.

2. Synthetic cord reinforced rubber layer

Reinforced cord rubber layer is composed of winding Synthetic cord layer, It is mainly used for maintain the internal air pressure, which has

good elasticity, no deformation and high power etc.

3. Inner Rubber

On the ball inside the rubber layer, which is used to prevent air leakage and control the ball pressure.

4. End Flange

The metal parts at both ends of fender, which can be fitted with charging valve and safety valve.


Definition of Offshore

The word Offshore in the Oil and Gas Industry refers to industrial activities in open sea, starting from the search (exploration) of oil and gas to production and transporting them to the shore.

The offshore is part of an industry that actually designs, builds and operates the offshore structures to allow the execution of offshore activities.

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