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Kaplan Marine Propellers Dia.2200mm 4 Blades In Stock

Kaplan Marine Propeller Diameter 2200mm in Stock for Sale

Acir Marine now has one pair of Kaplan marine propellers in stock for sale.The propellers parameters are as below:

Propeller Diameter: 2200mm

Propeller Pitch: 2640mm

Propeller Blade: 4

Suitable for Marine Engine Power: 1885KW x 1500RPM

Suitable for Marine Gear Box Ratio: 5.429:1

Propeller Speed: 273rpm

Propeller Direction: 1 RH + 1 LH

Propeller Tolerance: ISO484/2 Class I

Propeller Weight:1 PC-907kgs, 1 PC-910kgs.

Propeller Caps are included.

CCS certificate.

These two marine propellers are designed for a 35m tugboat. It is suitable for tugboat parameters as below:

Tugboat Overall Length: 35.8m, Length on Waterline: 34.38m, LBP: 31.75m

Navigation Speed: 12Knots, Depth: 4.6m, Moulded Breadth: 10.35m, Draft: 3.6m

Full Load Displacement: 780T, Block Coefficient: 0.59, Prismatic Coefficient: 0.69

Midship Coefficient: 0.86, Distance from propeller center to base line: 0.98m

Waterline Coefficient: 0.87, Power at rated speed: 1885KW at 1500rpm.

Main Engine Quantity: 2 PCS, Marine Gear Box Ratio: 5.429

Propeller Key Groove Breath and Depth: Key:50mm x 28mm.

Propeller Axle hole dimension (Hub Length, Taper Hole large end diameter, taper: Taper: 1:10, shaft diameter: 225mm. 

Propeller Type: KA-KC 4-74, Propeller Blade: 4, Propeller Material: Cu3, Tolerance: ISO484-2 Class I

Propeller and propeller cap drawing:

35m tugboat propeller.jpg

Propeller Cap Drawing.jpg

Propeller and propeller caps photos:

35M Tugboat Propellers.jpg

Our Propeller Factory Workshop:

Propeller Factory 001.jpg

Propeller Factory 002.jpg

Propeller Factory 003.jpg

If you are interested in our propellers 2200mm in stock, please do contact us for details, we will give you 20% discount for these two propellers. Or if you need other propellers, we also can design and manufacture to suite your ships at a very reasonable price.  

Contact: Mr. Zhang

Tel: 0086-23-67654781

Phone: 0086 15823306228

Email: sales@acirmarine.com