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Ship's Windlass Control Principle

The control system for reversible symmetrical control system, motor starting, speed, stop and reverse to switch to master controller to operate.

Two-speed motor with low, high speed two, using direct start method. Three-speed motor with low, high speed, low speed direct start method, high level required after a start delayed start delay time is controlled by the time relay, can be adjusted in 1-3 seconds. Three-speed electric

Machines operate at high speed automatic transient overload switch to medium speed runs when load decreases,

To make the motor run ª¤ must revert to a high level on the master controller handle moves from third to

ª¤ II and then move on to the third.

Control line has the following protection

Voltage-loss protection

When the voltage disappears, disconnect the motor power supply to prevent the motor voltage is restored

After complex starts automatically.

Thermal protection

Main circuit in the thermal relay ª¤ protects the motor winding hurried overload for a long time.

Control circuit fuse for short-circuit protection.

Three-speed control box with high level overload protection in the primary loop over current relay

GLJ (accompanied by a current transformer 2LH) ª¤ automatically when the motor runs at high speed over loading of instantaneous

Conversion to run on the stage.