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Windlass In China What Is The Specification Of Requirements

China's regulatory regimes for windlass, windlass not only as the anchor and anchor machinery and equipment, but also as a mooring rope, in this regard, to jot down some of the standard system requirements:

1), anchor machine sprocket Shang equipped with of brake device should work reliable, can brake anchor fracture load 45% of pull (Dang free broke down speed up 5~7.5M/s Shi, still can effective of brake live is fell of anchor machine anchor); anchor machine of sprocket and load axis Zhijian should set clutch device; clutch device and brake should manipulation to convenient reliable; anchor machine in running of process in the should can Shun pour turned and requirements smooth and quickly.

2), anchoring the rated tension shall be not less than 41.68d2N (4.25d2kgf), when d<25mm rated tension shall be not less than 36.8d2N (3.75d2dgf), d-link, the unit is mm. Use stranded at rated tension bolt velocity should be not less than 9m/min.

3) anchor installation shall ensure that when the anchor chain leads to the third eye (Hawse pipe, chain, and sprocket) line.

Anchor has both horizontal and vertical, horizontal windlass is usually used on the merchant. Vertical windlass anchor winch (capstan), its power below deck to save deck space and ships more vertical windlass. Recent large ships, because the anchor size too large, to accommodate the bow deck, and detrimental to the operation, it also has vertical windlass.

4), windlass should have independent motive power-driven

5) anchor the machine to the rated tension and speed, can be work 30min, and shall be not less than 1.5 times the rated tension overload tension of continuous 2min; in addition the windlass should also be provided with overload protection device, overload can switch to medium speed operation.